Not Quite Done with You Lot…

“Hee! Hee!” say I most sheepishly. If I may, I have very good reasons for sheepishness. While your help in selecting the photographs for my children brochure proved in-va-lu-a-ble, said brochure has yet to see the light of day. Furthermore, if I still may, additional sheepishity derives from my audacity to hope for your help in new selections. Grin, grin, wink, pretty please…Β  πŸ™‚

This time, I’m tackling another kind of beast. The hairy kind. I need to pick four animal prints for display and, as usual, I feel undecided, confused, frustrated, baffled, inadequate, and a tad unfulfilled. Not necessarily in that order. I fear that if you help me not, bitterness will prevail.

So ’nuff said, go to work! Please select the four pet prints you would pick if you were pathetic little old me. All the pets must be different.

















Et voila! The last one has chickens in it, I know. I don’t think they really qualify as pets but I like the photograph anyway.

Please, help me out! Do your blogger duty. You’ll feel better afterwards. I’m thriving on making you guys feel good about yourselves. I aim to please… And also, Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

22 responses to “Not Quite Done with You Lot…

  1. such cute doggies!!

  2. Chickens think they are family, not pets.
    In light of some of the dreadful tragedies recently here in the UK where babies and young children have been killed by pet dogs, I’d stay well clear of No6.

  3. 5,7,9,16

    I LOVE chickens. I want one so bad it isn’t funny.

  4. Davis, thanks for stopping by but you failed me miserably. You are supposed to vote! Feel my bitterness…

    uphilldowndale: incidentally, the dog in # 6 attacked the full-grown nanny, not the baby. See! That’s exactly how dogs catch a bad rep!
    Your help was very much appreciated! πŸ™‚

    Heather, my favorite crackhead with a brand new bacon blog! I’d trust you with my chicken more than with my pig. Thanks for voting!!!

  5. Even the most devoted family pet can get spooked by a new edition to the family.

    uphilldowndale: I hope you understand I was totally kidding about dogs catching a bad rep. I just thought it was funny you mentioned the dog eating the baby when in fact that very same dog had taken a huge bite out of the butt of the nanny. πŸ™‚ He is being watched. Very close surveillance! The nanny wears protective padding. πŸ™‚

  6. That’s OK, it’s a sensitive topic over here, the inquest was reported in the media today and one of the dogs was the same breed as in your photo. So my immediate reaction was to EEEEKKKKKK when I saw your shot.
    Sounds like the dog in question sees the nanny as being lower down the pack hierarchy and it probably ‘protecting the baby’ if not the nanny!.

  7. Okay….the real guy with the eye is here to help you. Never mind all these lessor mortals πŸ˜‰

    5, 7, 12 & 14.

    I too like the chicken and girl photo, but as you wanted pics of the more furry sort….

  8. No cats? NO!? CATS!?

    I refuse to participate because our feline friends have been so insulted as to be un-included from the selection.

    Now I shall go away and sulk with my poor kitties who weep and lament and twirl their collective hair in worry over this terrible situation.

  9. 1, 4, 10, 12
    Very nice.

  10. limiting us to FOUR??? when you put in so many good ones?
    1- for those eyes
    4- I’m crazy about foreshortening and low depth of field, high depth of emotion
    6-come on, really. a wise guy dog AND a wee baby!! that’s not even a contest.
    8- I want to know what he’s thinking and pat his head and tell him that mommy and daddy will be back in 5 minutes.
    12- girl and chickens? see #6

    I know, I know, it’s five. So sue me. Next time if you want us to vote on the top 4, just give us 4.

    You did it again, girl.

  11. 3, 5, 6 & 9.

    Happy Valentines Day!

    (you crazy French lady you…)

  12. I haven’t been by in a while but I’m glad I did. Happy Valentines day to you!!! Great pictures even though they’re all a bunch of mutts. I love animals so I can see why owners would want photos taken. I love how you captured a few of the dogs with their eyes turning away. Such a real moment.
    Hope you’re well Nathalie! Bon soir mon amie.

  13. Forkboy, thank you Your Highness for casting a knowing glance at the work of a mere mortal. πŸ™‚

    Jason: please accept my apologies for the lack of feline representation but I generally get hired to capture the canine soul. I love to photograph cats too. I swear!

    Michael: straight to the point. No chichis. You’re the man.

    Bonnie: thanks so much for providing details about your choices. I know you must be stretched thin because of the exhibit right now so I appreciate your comment even more… even if you can’t follow instructions. πŸ™‚

    : Happy V-Day to you too!!! I was glad you were able to take your eyes off the Swim Suit edition for two minutes to help me out!
    (you crazy American man you…)

    : Happy V-Day!!! “even though they’re all a bunch of mutts.” Just don’t be afraid to tell it like it is, Kelly. Really. Let the thoughts flow directly from your brain with no frontal lobe control whatsoever. That’s why this blog exists.
    Seriously. Thanks for being so sweet. Bonsoir, mon ami. πŸ™‚

  14. #12 cracks me up! You can totally see the dog’s personality. It’s like s/he’s saying, “Ew. Human PDA… I think I’m going to be sick.” LOVE IT!!!

  15. Beautiful photos. I love them all.

    Hope your Valentine’s Day was magical.

  16. Soooo hard to choose – but my vote would be 6, 7, 12 and 5. Awesome.

  17. Calling it a duty is not very stimulating but here you go:

    2 – cute (1 is cute too but I prefer this one)

    3 – the beast has a certain Kaiser-look you just need to have

    5 – am not a dog fan but they are just so irresistably cute

    9 – humor is good, plus it shows your skill of capturing the right moments

    7 – if you only pick one pair, go for #5 but these two look like they are up to sth. too

    I guess god lovers would go for #12 too, but as I said, am not one of them πŸ™‚

  18. When I was looking at the pictures, and before I read the comments, I thought to myself, “that dog in picture six looks like it’s going to strike”. It was probably thinking to itself that the baby is the new white meat. Seeing the whites of a dog’s eyes is a bag sign.

    Then I saw the same dog in picture eight with it’s ears back and I thought, “I bet some people would think that the dog looks cutely sad” , whereas, I just think it looks frightened and neurotic. Therefore dangerous. Then lo and behold, I read in the comments that the dog bit someone. All I can say is that I’m not surprised.

    I hate animals that have been dressed up, so #15 is out and as I’ve said before, I think that pictures of people in squatting poses look like they’re about to take a dump so #16 gets the flick as well.

    My pick (sorry, only 3)

    #1: My pick as the best shot
    #4: Lovely expression and nice framing
    #13: Would’ve been better with the nose in focus

    I like all 3 of these shots because of the expressions and I think that they show characteristics of their specific breeds.

    I’d also like to make a suggestion. Get you hands on a book that explains dog judging. The reason why I suggest this is because each breed has it’s own character and part of dog judging is about how well a dog exhibits it’s breed’s characteristics.

    I mention this because I once had to do a shoot for a horse magazine and the editor said that they had a specialist photographer for taking photos of horses because non-horse people don’t understand how to photograph a horse well. When I asked what he meant, he said that people who are into horses can tell by a horse’s posture and things like where it’s ears are how happy it is etc.

    I know some dog breeders and I know they’d have trouble with some of your shots like #12 for instance.

    As you know, I mean all this in a loving and caring way, so please don’t get out your gun and hunt me down.

  19. #6, 8, 11, 14 are the ones.

    I avoided all the above comments because … I had to keep those numbers in my head and there are too many comments.

    note: not partial to children with pet photos: too many “when pets go wild” episodes maybe.

  20. Pammy girl, thanks! I like that one too. That dog has the best expressions. How were those brownies? πŸ™‚

    Hi Tam! Thanks for your compliment – although you are totally supposed to vote, you know!

    ytlb1: o you with the mysterious name and no link to your blog, thanks for dropping by and voting. πŸ™‚

    Grasswire, you’ve done your duty but if you prefer, you’ve helped a very indecisive chick and did a great job… even though we do not really call them “beasts” around these parts. πŸ™‚

    Razz, you outdid yourself! Your comments were all very valid… Although picture 8 is one of my favorites. The dog is a sweet one but he’s had issues since the baby was born. I have a gazillion good photographs of that one and he always has great expressions.
    As far as a dog guide, none is needed here. I do not shoot for breeders. I capture the personality of the dog not his conformation.

    That being said, I’m a horsewoman and I also specialize in horse shoots. When I shoot commercial for a breeder, I always do so according to the breed.

    planetross: you’re not partial to children with pets yet you’ve picked the one of the dog with the baby. No worries. He loves the baby. Just not the nanny. Thanks for the help πŸ™‚

  21. I messed up: I thought the numbers were above the photos.
    So the real favorites are: #7, 9,12,15.

  22. 4,6,9,13.
    4 – I love that gaze and the soft focus
    6 – that dog is keeping an eye on the baby. It’s endearing and humourous. Once again – those EYES!
    9 – humourous in an anthropomorphic way
    13 – classically beautiful animal portrait.

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