Afflicted with what could only be described as a camera obsessive compulsive disorder, I shoot anything in sight. Obsessively. Compulsively. Anything. My only saving grace (and perhaps downfall too) is my reluctance to carry around the four pounds of equipment necessary to take a picture… But recently, to my friends’ greatest dismay, I discovered the camera on my iPhone. A few ounces that unleashed the OCD beast in me. I blame it on Steve Jobs.


The iPhone now accompanies me every day on my bike ride and makes me stop every five minutes to take pictures of ducks (no offense Jason). It totally breaks my cycling momentum.


It went with me to the Nasher Sculpture Center where I photographed my friends Robby and Greg, very Abbey Roadishy.


It came out of my pocket at the Dallas Museum of Art, and I did not even get caught. Hee, Hee!


Greg and Robby had to pose for me under the water because I do not take no for an answer. By solidarity, I stayed under the water too because that’s just the kind of person I am. Kind, that is.


When my friend Dorin bribed me with a Happy Meal to operate as her bodyguard during a Craig’s list transaction, I downloaded an app called CameraBag and played with it in the car. Incidentally, Dorin asked me to post a good picture to balance this embarrassing selection, so I’m sending you back to a post I had written about her previously, bless her little heart.


The app is quite fun and allows you to alter your image in the phone: you have a choice of infrared, Helga, fisheye, 1962, etc. The image format is greatly reduced but it’s entertaining.

Dorin berated me for taking photographs instead of being social and making conversation with her. I reminded her I was there as her bodyguard, not as her entertainer, and that she had not provided the promised Happy Meal yet, and why the hell not? I feel pretty sure I cannot  exercise my guarde du corps duties to their full potential on an empty stomach.

I’m leaving you with a picture of my mantel which seems to have taken a turn for the worse lately. I’m going to need a second fireplace soon.


I think my iPhone addiction is now in its declining phase. I’m planning to reserve its use for car accident, stupid pictures of Monsieur Shinn at Starbucks, and blackmail opportunities. It was iPhun while it lasted, but I’m iPhinished.

11 responses to “iPhun

  1. The equipment changes but the artist is still behind the lens.
    I like what you’ve been able to catch here in 4 ounces.
    It’s an enviable tool, so easy, fast, and emailed in a blink.

  2. A little OCD, are we?

  3. Thanks Bonnie. The iPhone is such practical technology – and so easy to conceal. A cool little gadget for impromptu opportunities.

    forkboy, it’s not a little… but it mostly only happens with a camera. I don’t lick light switches yet.

  4. LOL! You’re hysterical.

    These are fun, Nathalie! And it’s for this very reason I’ve always tried to have a phone with a camera in it (since it’s the one thing I’ll probably have with me at all times).

    And that great egret duck taking flight is fantastic.

  5. I have an ITouch…so I don’t have the camera on mine. I wish I did though! All my friends have the IPhone and they take pics and upload them to their Facebook pages. I am such a loser…

  6. O, I thought I was obsessive, but this is serious stuff Nathalie. I mean really serious stuff.

    Good for you, all your iPhone images still shows your great creativity. But we need to talk about the last one. I spotted a “kabouter” on the mantel. So you are not living on your one? You get help in the house hold? And is the “kabouter” from Belgium?

    And another thing. You must have got the sickest ducks in Dallas, because to me that bird looks like a heron.

  7. Looks like camera phones are the new polaroids.

  8. Ah Jason, you know how much I like to go against the grain! Peeps go digital, I go back to film. You get a super new lens, I shoot with my phone…

    Alan, I’m not talking to you anymore. You are unworthy. Like, totally.

    Wouter, I have a large collection of kabouters. Mrs. and Mr. Shinn think that because my nephew was part of the Front of Liberation of the Garden Kabouters in Belgium, that I should have a new one each year. I have one that glows in the dark. the one on my mantel speaks… The kabouters do not provide any assistance with the household chores. I should ask for that one next. 🙂

    Razz, you have a point but try to put a Polaroid camera in your pocket!

  9. Thanks Nathalie — no more happy meals treats for you!

  10. Hmmm. Well, I was thinking of trying an iPhone (I’m always behind when it comes to gadgets) but now I’m not so sure. As for your mantel, it looks kinda like it belongs to a certain Canuck in Japan. All you need now is a Sara and Mic’.

  11. Dorin, I protected you from harm and that’s all the gratitude I get? Shame on you.

    Epic, after having an iPhone for a few days, you’ll be wondering how you did without. As for my mantel, a certain Canuck is prone to order, tidiness, and organization. I’m quite sure that if he had a mantel, it would look nothing like mine. 🙂

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