A pony club sans vodka just ain’t the same

Zbigniev Wierbitszki owned a pony club in the outskirt of Brussels. Zbigniev liked his vodka and many gymkhanas turned into small dramas when he poured with a light hand (at every gymkhanas.) A pat on the back became a shove accompanied with a big hearty laugh (and many Polish words no one could understand) and if his whip caught you by surprise, it was not tender… but all in good fun.

From these formative years spent on tiny Shetlands, I have kept the best memories, which is why, when I got contacted by an area pony club to provide images for its website, I was very happy at the prospect.

btrinity_007b-copyIt was a pony club with sheep, goats, and chickens too

btrinity_036b-copyCaring for a horse teaches kids responsibilities… and problem solving

btrinity_050b-copyPhotoshop allows you to take the person holding the horse out of the photograph

trinity_102In my time, kids wore stylish black helmets but nowadays they dress up like shadow stormtroopers

btrinity_053b-copyPonies get stuck in weird places sometimes

btri2_021b-copyKids generally enjoy a little ride but the little boy was terrorized

tri2_096That little girl was stylin’. I even asked her where she got her boots.

ctri2_119cShe was the perfect model too, smiling as she jumped the fences!

btrinity_123b-copyAfter all the riding, the girls threw a wild tea party

btrinity_143b-copyIn my pony club, we never wore white gloves. We were much too busy ducking the whip to indulge in such civilities.

I danced my first tango in public at the end of a pony club summer camp. I was 8 and leading the poor boy across the arena, dipping him deeply at each end. This earned me 100 points and a ribbon. At the time, I had a HUGE crush on my dance partner, Eric Bockstal, but nothing ever materialized from it. I think I may have somewhat emasculated him.

10 responses to “A pony club sans vodka just ain’t the same

  1. These are exceptional photos, Nathalie. I have to admit the little stuck pony is my favorite–too cute! And I love the idea of a high-society spin at the end of the day.

    But I’m thinking the vodka would be a necessity. Time to find a new pony club…

  2. Maybe the little boy isn’t terrorized, he’s just sulky … ing.

  3. Amazing photos H! Love this blog! 🙂

  4. What a glorious way to spend a day! A lovely set of pics with the fourth (storm trooper girl) being my fav.

    The look on her face…the piercing eyes…the red hair. It just all works.

  5. Thanks for your comments!

    Jason: actually it felt nice to be around ponies and not get whipped for once. Vodka and horses do not mix very well. 🙂

    planetross: good one! 🙂

    Alan: thanks!

    Forkboy: Thanks! It actually took two days to photograph the whole deal and it was exhausting!

  6. Kids do make the perfect models, even if they make you bargain for money. Like your part of the pony club story. I know you did not ask for a vote but I really like 2 and 9.

  7. Oh Grasswire, I’ve created a monster! That’s too funny that you would continue to vote… 🙂
    Kids are not kids anymore when they try to extract money from you.

  8. I must add that 7&9 would be the likeliest to have primed the 11 year old in me and arouse the National Velvet Syndrome.
    This is why little girls are so drawn to horses and ponies.
    What you caught here.
    It’s that dreamy look.
    What a wonderful series.

  9. I love the first shot.

    “if his whip caught you by surprise, it was not tender”.

    I doesn’t surprise me coming from a guy who’s national anthem contains the words,
    “What the foe by force has seized,
    Sword in hand we’ll gain”.

    Every Pole I’ve ever met has been a tough piece of work.

  10. I love that shot of the little girl on the stool grooming her too-big pony. Seriously cute. And I love the fact that the girls celebrate with little hats and gloves and tea parties. But do they drink tea or vodka or kool aid (or all of the above)? Do tell.
    You must have loved taking these shots. Wonderful.

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