A Family Affair

Before the blossoming of home computers, families still took time to make photo albums. I take time to raid the family albums. It’s my family too, after all. If you look up on the menu bar (the one that’s… up, not on the side), you’ll notice a new section called Album de Famille. That’s where my crazy family is tucked away. I’ll update my album with new photographs often so if they amuse you, check again in a few weeks!

my-crazy-auntsMy crazy aunt Tita and My crazy aunt Nanou in the sixties

9 responses to “A Family Affair

  1. I’m fond of family photography too – I actually dedicate a session in my visual culture class to it and have the students analyze their family albums. They mostly do poor analysis but still, it makes them look at the photos, and hopefully think about them too.

  2. Oh, I love these! I’m always fond of images from past generations.

  3. You know….I recently printed some of my own photographs and then framed and sprinkled them about the house. I mentioned this to a fellow digital photographer and he asked why I had had bothered.

    I was rather taken aback by the question. No one used to question printing images, but you couldn’t see them unless you printed them. And filled album after album with them.

    But printing photos seems weird to some today. Granted, you can share pictures so much more readily with family and friends via electronic means (e-mail, photo hosting sites, etc.), but I’ve discovered that I LIKE having them printed and in albums. It’s nice to pick up an album and just browse through it.

    I think you’re doing a wonderful thing by digitizing them for the Internet, but you have once again reminded me of why I think it’s important that we print our pictures as well. Maybe not all the pictures we capture, but the best of the rest.

  4. Grasswire: I bet you get interesting shots in that class. What kind of analysis are you expecting in a visual culture class? Do you expect your students to provide technical details or more sociological comment?

    : I have not forgiven you about the anole. I’m not talking to you.

    : your photographer friend is such an idiot. You should ask him why he considers photography to be laptop art. I would imagine that if he has never felt tempted to print one of his image for his walls, he’s probably not very good. Sorry, but he really annoyed me.

    Also, when you make an album, you create a story.

    I wonder what his place looks like? Does he have laptops in every room with Picasso or other painter art as screen savors? Aaaargh!!!!

  5. Who is the third person peeping out from that long thingy on the right? That is a head, isn’t it?

  6. I want them to do a sort of sociological analysis, how family relations are revealed through photographs, or what kind of evidence/documentation they can find in the pictires, that sort of stuff. Most of them fail to produce good essays but a few tend to be really great and interesting. Plus some print out pictures which are always interesting to watch…

  7. Actually….I think he does have five laptops so maybe he uses them like digital picture frames!

    In today’s digitized age I think I can see from where he is coming, but it’s not the place I want to go.

    Besides…he’s English so that tells you everything you need to know 😉 (love ya M!)

  8. Nat – do you know where your aunts were when the photo was taken? It looks hot.

  9. Heather: the third person in the photo is my grandmother! We used to take family vacation. Is that nuts or what?

    forkboy: I still think your friend is a nutcase.

    epic: it’s Porquerolles, a small island in the south of France.

    grasswire: I bet you get interesting stories. Perhaps too much information sometimes? “Oh yeah, this is uncle Jacek who cheated on my aunt Anna. You can see him here with his mistress…”

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