Have I mentioned lately how much my brother sucks?

So, there I am, in Brussels, minding my own business with a good book in front of the fireplace when Chris arrives with camera bags. “We are going to the Christmas Fair. One Leica for you, one for me. Let’s do it!” A film camera? How very… retro! I have not used one of these since 2001. I can’t even remember off-hand how to load the film! My brother is in fact completely passive aggressive on this one: totally setting me up for failure while giving the appearance of being the good brother who shares his toys.

Not being naturally mechanically inclined, I struggle loading the film while keeping all the parts in my little hand. My brother looks on, acting as if I were the biggest idiot he has ever seen. I may be, but no one has to rub it in.

As we drive to downtown Brussels, I resume the situation in my head. It’s dusk (very little light). We will shoot against the Fair’s lights (exposure compensation guesstimate required.) I’ll be using manual focus on moving targets for the first time in a gazillion years. I also happen to be as blind as a bat. I remediate this small impediment for a photographer by adjusting the diopter on my camera, but here… I’m shooting blind.

If that’s not setting up someone for failure, I don’t know what it is! Have I also mentioned how cold it is? It’s FREEZING out there! Have I mentioned my inner wimpitude? If it’s less than 55 degrees outside, it might as well be Alaska and I stay put in a heated house where humans are supposed to remain if they possess an ounce of common sense (which is obviously not the case for my brother.)

74130001The accordeon is popular in winter because it allows the use of gloves. Guitarists must be starving.

74130002Real cheese cut by an elf!

74130003Yummy! Durum! Turkish Sandwiches. Expensive Turkish sandwiches!

74130004Smoking warm wine and skinhead (either that or planetross took his shears to the poor fellow’s head.)

74130005Two photos of the warm wine because I like the smoke and I was hoping the little girl would get warm wine too and I could get a scandalous photograph. She got a soda. I was sorely disappointed.

74130006My favorite merry-go-round in the whole wide world: le Manege Magique.

74130009A little out of focus but I wanted to show the cool submarine. Chris thinks I’m fixated on getting technically correct images and I need to let loose a little. He calls me a stick in the mud basically.

74130008The pterodactyl seems to be one of the kids’ favorite rides.

74130010Poor kids that ended up in the hot air balloon instead of riding a dinosaur.

74130011After parents fought over the octopus, ungrateful little girl of the winning mother yawns and looks bored. She is not coming back to the fair anytime soon.

74130012The Eminem shirt is ruining my ambiance!

74130013This could have been taken decades ago. No Eminem shirt. No outward signs of modernity.

Then it was time for serious business. Messy business. Smooltebollen. Delicious beignet-like five minutes in your mouth five pounds in your buttocks type of deliciousness covered in powdered sugar. We put the cameras away. “Seven for both of us?” my brother asks. “Try fifteen!” I reply totally offended by his lack of good judgement. After we ate seven Smooltebollen each and fought for the last one, we drove home not feeling very well.

So I completely fell in love with my brother’s Leica and I bought his Hasselblad. I needed a light camera for traveling and ended up with massive studio equipment. That’s what I do. Chris never brought back the Leica. He likes to give me a little taste of something then take it back… So the M6 is on the list, right after the 5D Mark II, right after paying the bills and all the other stuff you have to pay.

14 responses to “DeLeicatessen

  1. Soon you’ll be bragging about a Leica. And then you want the M8, because within a year there won’t be any lab available in Dallas. And you continue and get the 5D mark II and you want more L glass.

    And oh, did I mention more Leica glass? No, I didn’t. The glow of Leica glass is obsessive and the bokeh so gorgeous.

    But be glad, you can always blame your brother. You smart girl 😀

  2. Dag Wouter! Hoe gaat het? I wish I could brag about owning the Leica… with glass (but I usually stay faithful to one or two lenses.)
    I photoshopped those images so little I could cry for not having bought one. All in due time… 🙂
    Everything is my brother’s fault all the time.

  3. Your brother’s antics sounds like my uncle’s.

    I am “saving up” for the 5D Mark II. Knowing that I still have a way to go, my husband makes sure to lead me past them every time we go to the camera store. As we pass he snickers and then says “soon”.(sigh)

  4. You mean, you photoshop the bokeh? I want a dSLR with two primes, nice and simple.

    But I can’t blame it on my brother, I have a sister and she is no photographer.

  5. Alles verder goed, by the way. The weather is improving and inspiration and creativity returns. Ook alles goed met jou?

  6. Wow, does this this mery-go-round operate all year long or is up just for Christmas? BTW, these are some pretty sharp pics for a blind bat 🙂

  7. I rediscovered one of my elderly film cameras in a box in the basement back in October. It had been years since I shot with film and as bizarre luck would have it, no sooner had I dusted off my trusty, 94 pound, steel cased Minolta circa the late 50’s that I found, yes FOUND a brand new three pack of 24 exposure, 100 ASA print film on the sidewalk. What kind of weird luck is that? Still have to shoot the last roll.

    Great photos, BTW. Especially considering the lighting and the moving targets.

    … I want to ride on the merry go round too.


  8. A simply wonderful series of pictures. It looks like a truly wonderful place to visit….live…..both!

    And what are brothers for after all? 😉

  9. Your brother doesn’t seem so bad to me. I’ll let you into a secret, Lecias, while having just about the best optics that money can buy are notoriously unreliable. I a quite a few people that have had noting but trouble with them. Perhaps your brother was doing you a favour by not giving it to you.

    By the way, nice shots. Looks like you got the exposure right . I’m guessing you know about the f16 rule for the daylight shots but how did you figure out the night exposures?

  10. This looks like a fun night on the town! Great shots as always. Merry-go-round notwithstanding for its charm and utter coolness, that last image really stands out. As you said, it could have been taken decades ago–it has such charm and a vintage feel to it.

  11. Loving this one. Just like a real-live trip to the fair, with the mention of drinks and naughty snacks and all those rides and the men who were caught out of time at the bar car. I agree with Grasswire – you can’t be THAT blind. Either that or your technical prowess is enviable.

  12. I’m impressed by your willingness to go with the flow, considering all impediments:) And entertained by the parents fighting over an octopus. Will we never learn? No!

  13. Thanks for all your comments!

    So sorry for the huge delay in acknowledging your remarks but I have been out of town. On the beach to be more exact… I’m still on the beach to be totally exact. The camera has gone totally kaput sooo I’m condemned to a life of leisure until my return. Woe is me…

    Sending lots of love to y’all!

  14. You could have shot me there…
    I think I was place Sainte Catherine in december 2008 with friends…
    Lovely pics, btw, very much atmoshpere paintings…

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