The Starbucks Dog-Thru

On my first morning in South Beach, I googled Starbucks locations on my iPhone (how anyone lives without one of these is beyond me) and I walked around the block to the nearest venerable institution. If you overlook the palm trees and the sun darting lovely rays on the large patio, it looked just like mine. I ordered my regular venti non fat latte with whole milk foam (a compromise latte of sorts), paid a dollar more than usual  for palm tree maintenance, no doubt, and sat on the terrace among the indigenous population and an unusually large number of dogs .

Not one minute after I deployed my stuff on the table (I never travel light even to Starbucks), a guy sitting nearby introduced himself , his friends, and all their pooches. Two minutes later, he was cracking a mildly tasteless joke – something about “hands-on work” (sigh), 5 minutes later he was informing me that his life revolved around making money and making love, and 15 minutes later, I had a new Starbucks family to come home to every morning. Voila!

sobe2_029Bob, Brian, Rich, and Meryl

I was settling in amidst the new compadres when a young guy walked up to the group and asked:

“Hey, can I borrow one of your dogs?”

Now, I thought that sounded a bit strange… until I saw the guy with the borrowed canine walk to the end of the patio, knock on the window which opened 5 seconds later, and get his drink almost immediately… as well as a cookie for the dog. The man had effectively bypassed a very long line of people waiting inside the store.

In light of the dog-thru, several facts appeared under a brand new prism of perception: the reason why so many people brought their dogs to Starbucks, and also the reason why so many dogs seemed so well fed.

In South Beach, if you like coffee and instant gratification, you must own a dog. Here are a few of these lovely Starbucks accessories:

sobe1_066Bentley (no Mike, this is not a Jack Russell! Or if she is, she must have eaten a copious amount of genetically modified dog food!)

sobe1_077Bob’s pooch, Malibu

sobe3_024Rich’s Zeta

sobe3_021Kenneth’s and Tom’s lovely Doberman Diesel

sobe3_028Branching out… A non-Starbucks dog on a wall

sobe3_032A very touching Basset Hound

sobe3_033The back of said Basset Hound… in precarious equilibrium

sobe2_040Yorkie transportation on Ocean Drive

And to end my Starbucks post which I segwayed into being about South Beach dogs, the Oscar goes to Alvaro and…

sobe2_025Alvaro’s seven Italian Greyhounds.

Even the dogs are Italian around here!

note to Razz: non Monsieur, don’t you dare sermon me about going to Starbucks in the land of Cuban coffee – after an incursion in Little Havanna and seven Cuban coffees later, I was unable to sleep for a very very long time.

10 responses to “The Starbucks Dog-Thru

  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. I absolutely love the doberman shot. I love that breed. We had one while I was growing up and she was the most splendid, protective, gentle creature imaginable. Although I’ll add I think the ear and tail cropping is cruel…

    These are very nice shots. I do love doggy and kitty photos!

    Don’t you wish we had a dog-thru at our Starbucks? What’s up with that? I feel cheated. I should complain to the management–although not having a dog means I’d have to borrow one in order to cut in line.

    Oh, and Alvaro is quite easy on the eyes. I don’t suppose you brought me one of those… since you didn’t bring me any of the others…

  3. N– and when you were talking about dogs, I thought you meant Mike, Bob, Brian and Rich! You are such a captivating storyteller… Love, Xuxa

  4. matt: thanks for visiting! Come back!!!

    jason: I love Dobies too. Probably the next one on the list after the Alligator passes (hopefully in a very very long time.) As far as the Alvaro dude is concerned, the man and the seven dogs are a package. You may want to rethink this.

    Xuxa: hee! hee!

  5. Great Photos of the dogs! That is such a great story!

  6. I love the portrait of the Basset Hound, fantastic!

  7. balance7: thanks for visiting!!!

    wouter: Basset hounds are always photogenic. I think that anyone with ears dragging on the grounds, droopy ears, and a vogue-like posture would equally as photogenic. 🙂 I’m just happy it’s not me. My dog has been very sick for the last few days which explains my absence. 😦

  8. That is too bad. Dogs are just like kids. I hope your dog is feeling better already.

    We have a West Highland White Terrier, but he has ADHD and despite his photogenic appearances he can’t sit still…

  9. what a fabulous idea! I wish I had one around here! I have a doberman and she always rides with me through the drive though. She looks so disappointed that she can’t have a latte too. My daughter wants a greyhound next so that last photo you shared is so fitting!

    • oneshotbeyond: thanks for visiting! We should probably create a Facebook group in favor of building dog-thrus in every Starbucks. I’m quite sure Lattes are not so good for Dobermans so I surmise yours will have to learn to live with the disappointment.

      I suggest that, until that time comes when Starbucks finally sees the light, you keep a small cookie with you that you can dispense to your faithful canine when you see that her depression takes a turn for the worse.

      I fear I may be affected by the “Dear Abby” syndrome today. 🙂

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