Le South Beach hodge-podge finale. Well, not quite final but close.

Too bad I can’t find anyone to finance my street photography activities. The deal would work like this. A very very nice individual would buy me a plane ticket to a destination outside of Dallas (preferably somewhere I can swim and where no one wields a machete), put me up in a hotel that would not have to be a Mandarin Oriental (see, I’m not asking for the moon), and in return I would provide this extremely endearing person with a photographic slice of life from said tropical destination. This arrangement would work particularly well for someone with a fear of flying and who would want to live vicariously through me. Living is something I do really well. I’m just throwing this idea out there. You never know…

Last day of my South Beach mini-vacation before emigrating to Downtown Miami for a couple of days. Last walk on Ocean Drive.

sobe1_007You can’t make noise on Ocean Drive unless…

sobe1_014Unless you attempt to save the South Beach sinners. South Beach is a great place for sinners.

sobe1_0161I think this one is a sinner. If not, I’m volunteering to take him down that path.

sobe1_0371The parrot downing shots? Sinner.

sobe1_056Women in total need of atonement.

sobe22_101Not a nun.

sobe1_059South Beach’s idea of day entertainment: Mango’s

sobe22_102It’s good to know that the repentance people are right across the street.

sobe2_007Moving on… This man has been waiting to get paid for three months. It is however unclear whether he has been waiting three months in this chair. Conversation proved difficult due to the bitterness that comes with not getting paid for three months.

sobe2_0452South Beach cops get to wear cool beach attire and ride funky lawn-mower looking machines.

sobe2_023I have developed a liking to photographing people and their cell phones. Like here…

sobe1_009and there.

sobe2_011These, I just had to photograph for the hair awesomeness

sobe2_015These guys were totally messing with me, a stark contrast from the very well behaved hair ladies.

sobe1_036The Muscle Beach. Some need it more than others.

zsobe1_003Reviewed beach attire, not great for tanning, but definitely beats an SPF 50+

sobe1_005Four days in South Beach and I saw four retirees total. Retiring in Miami must totally be an urban legend. Either that or someone keeps them well-hidden from the general public (or the repentance people got to them and they all moved to Utah.)

I think that when I retire (which is probably never if the markets do not rally to my long and plaintive moans of despair), I would not want to be surrounded by six-packed stud muffins and sixteen year old Brazilian models (photographing these must have slipped my mind – so sorry.)  I’d sincerely prefer to live among the arthritic wrinkly folks attached to oxygen tanks who still want to have a good old time (Utah is out.) Wait until I blog about that!

9 responses to “Le South Beach hodge-podge finale. Well, not quite final but close.

  1. But where would the religious folks be without the sinners?

    South Beach provides faith-based job security!

    And yeah……I’ve been wondering where were the pics of the nicely tanned young ladies. I think you need to keep us, your fans, in mind next time 😉

  2. Well forkboy, obviously they would be in Utah… but you are absolutely right about your job security assessment although I’m not sure they are meeting their quotas of penitents. Tough crowd!

  3. Yet more souvenirs you didn’t bring me…

    For all the character they contain, I really like the guy sitting in the chair and the old man in the last photo. Sure, the attractive people are fun to look at, as is the bird–well, especially the bird!–but a less polished flavor says something in those other pictures.

  4. next time bring me a leopard print onesie!!

  5. jason: the guy sitting in the chair was hi-la-rious! We just asked him what he was doing there, and he was all grumpy and pissed off about not having been paid. He looked a bit like a mafioso.

    Isa: they are actually for sale at Mango’s. What’s your size? Have you changed at all in the last… er, 25 years?

  6. There are six patron saints against sexual temptation, and I didn’t see a ONE for all those sexy men and women everywhere… sigh. And even the sin-savers were not enough to buzzkill our conference activities…

  7. So many sinners, so little time…

  8. It seems so unreal. It is just that the Utah people at the South Beach gives your photographs an honest impression 😀

    And the Miami retirees probably live in Cedar City, Utah. Just 3 hours northeast of Las Vegas.

    Funny that no commentators offer you a ticket to fly to a warm and sunny location to do some “serious” street photography.

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