South Breach

Standing on the sidewalk, he crumbles his Starbucks paper bag into a compact ball and throws it in the air.

“Wherever the wind blows us” he says to his companion. The ball lands smack in the middle of the street.

“That way!” he says. They begin to cross the street.

“Excuse me! How about the wind blows you towards the beach instead, eh? Like that I could take cool pictures. What do you say? Yes? Please, pretty please?” Well, obviously I can’t let these two escape without at least trying. I had been eying them for the last half hour on the Starbucks patio, building up the courage to talk to them.

bsobe3_0401Villte and Brother Ra


vsobe3_037Listening to the music of the wind playing the pan flute

Villte was on her way to Peru. I assumed she was hitchhiking her way there but modern hippie chicks take the plane nowadays. Brother Ra… Well, I’m not exactly sure what he was doing in South Beach. An artist from DC (link), he seemed strangely out of place among the rest of us, non-dreadlocked tourists. Still, I can’t imagine Haile Selassie hanging out at Starbucks, eating coffee cake…

13 responses to “South Breach

  1. I hope they picked up the rubbish.

  2. ici ta tres ancienne copine Riaño, qui tu dois savoir est devenue une grande fan de ton blog, toujours génial. Partculierement apprecie la serie volley ball. Tu nous as manque ce weekend

  3. Now, now, Razz, play nice!

    Isabel! Ravie que tu apprecies mon terrain de jeux. La serie volley ball etait tres inspirationnelle, n’est-ce pas? 🙂
    J’aurais vraiment aime pouvoir participer aux retrouvailles Part Deux, mais ca m’aurait ete vraiment tres difficile. J’espere que c’etait tres rigolo!

  4. LOL! razz beat me to it as I was wondering the same thing.

    And I really like that last photo.

  5. I love the fact that modern hippie chicks take the plane. Classic!
    I take planes. You take planes. Does that mean we’re (closet) modern hippie chicks?

  6. jason: play nice too!!! They did pick up the bag (it’s their compass!)

    epic: I don’t know about you but I can assure you there isn’t an ounce of hippie blood in me. 🙂

  7. Love the negative/positive use of space in this series.
    You couldn’t ask them to pick up their rubbish- I imagine you’d “dread” the idea.

  8. I had a friend who wanted to take a trip by using the traffic lights as his compass (go wherever the green was pointing to or sth. like that). He never did it though, I guess had no hippie blood either. But I bet he will still think of it when he is Brother Ra’s age. Love the last one.

  9. Bonnie, always a good wordplay!

    Jason: with the way traffic lights are timed, the poor guy could have ended up going around the same block indefinitely.

  10. Those are great photos, Nathalie.

    You know, I wish I could play the pan flute. It’s a cool instrument, like the xylophone.

    Though, since i’m not cool… maybe I should stick to the triangle.

  11. Pomeroy! Dude you’re alive! Awesome! You are very cool, don’t worry. Also, if you get a pan flute, all you have to do is wait for a windy day, find a hippie chick, and let her listen to the wind playing the instrument. This would not work with a xylophone.

  12. I am alive! I tend to make these random disappearing acts. I kind of secretly hope that it builds more mystery.

    If I can’t find a hippie chick, can I just pull someone out of a Starbucks?

    Yeah Pom, you’re totally a man of great mystery. That as it may be, you still need a hippie chick for the Pan effect. Sorry.

  13. That last photo Nathalie is so good. I really like it. I should have the guts to ask people too. It would take me something like a month at least to ask some people to be photographed. But hey, I was waiting for a hippie chick, but I noticed I haven’t seen one for at least 15 years here…. Sigh.

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