I’m the photographer who says poop

Bathroom humor? Not exactly my cup of tea. My mother would have never allowed it. In my family, bodily functions either were frowned upon or simply did not exist. The mere utterance of the word “caca” would have provoked desert deprivation for days… and if you know anything about my mom’s baking abilities, this is not a risk you would ever be willing to take. So caca became the much more poetic lala. For cake sake.

Zap to 40 years later and you have one pretty screwed-up adult. Moi. Laid back and uptight at the same time, all wrapped up in a small neurotic package.

The day started early. I packed cameras, lenses, and all the other good stuff, grabbed a latte with a few extra espresso shots, and met Julie, Barbara, and the two terrors for a photo shoot at the Arboretum. I had photographed the kids on many occasions but when they are so young, a few months elapse, and you find yourself in front of very different little peeps… And there always comes a time, ALWAYS, when the dreaded “cheese” comes into play.


One day the kids give you the most natural smile in the world, then, perhaps victims of school photographers (note the perhaps if you happen to be a school photographer), the kids start grimacing painfully every time you point the camera in their direction. It takes a whole lot of patience and coaxing to get them back to being themselves. And sometimes, the habit appears so ingrained that nothing works. If you ask them not to smile and just relax, this is what you get:


But sometimes a miracle happens and you see the light!

abb_032Look, the statue is NAKED!!!

Naked. That’s all it took!


After this, piece of cake. When you find a cow, you must milk it for all it’s worth.


abb_090Shake your BOOTIES

abb_101The frog is PEE-PEEING!

So here is the sad truth. I have become the photographer who says poop. I feel quite certain my mother would disapprove greatly of this pathetic turn of event, but I discovered I would really do anything to get that shot. Sigh. Julie recommended the book “Everybody Poops” to get over myself. It really seems like a good idea.

Nevertheless, I still much prefer the images of pensive children, the ones where, if they smile, it’s subtle, and if they don’t, they are simply caught being themselves.





I wish I had a more serious photograph of the little dude, but after the first time I said poop, there was no going back. Point of no return was reached. The kid had a smile plastered on his face for the remainder of the session. Perhaps I would have been a happier kid too had I been allowed to say caca. Just writing this word is enough to make me feel guilty and ashamed.

Some say you never recover from your childhood. Isn’t that the truth?! But today, after this session, I definitely feel one step closer to my deep-down buried inner scatological self. I’m just not sure it’s such a good thing… I need to go call my mom.

19 responses to “I’m the photographer who says poop

  1. awesome pictures; beautiful kids you were taking pictures of!

    job well done; annakay.

  2. Lovely shots and it’s good to see you’re back.

  3. Miss Anna Kay, thanks for visiting my blog! I concur about the beauty of the terrors. But let’s not forget they ARE terrors. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks Razz! It’s good to feel missed! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Wow. Do I ever see what you mean about “cheese.” Eek. Well, as far as poop goes, you gotta use the right tool for the right occasion. I just don’t want to find that one on my workbench.

    Picture #9. That’s the winner for me if I got to call it. Great one.

    -Turkish Prawn

  5. You can nail any subject, but the wee ones are especially beguiling.
    I really like that contrasting depth of field- all that undefined background against those young, newly minted faces. Beautiful.

  6. Nico the Dinosaur

    Everyone poops, but no one tell stories like you do!

  7. Turkish Prawn, I LIVE! It’s the damn Facebook thing again and how convenient it is to have found the perfect excuse for all my shortcomings… It’s Facebook’s fault. Always.
    While it works wonders on wee children, I think I’ll save my poop prompt as a last resort. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Bonnie, thanks. As usual, you find the perfect words to make me feel fabu. You should not however forget that behind those charming pure innocent newly minted faces, there are agents working on my destruction. And a valium for me please!

    Melodie, thanks for visiting! I’m not sure whether you are stunned by my photographs or by the fact I say poop to my clients… but either way, it works for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nico, you big iguanodon, you may poop, but I don’t. Ask my mother.
    Thanks for the compliment and the virtual visit. I hope to find loftier subjects in the future. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I meant the photos. The POOP stuff is just down right funny. I have 3 young boys so I am immune to potty talk. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Hysterical! I love that you have to build an arsenal of ways to induce the right moments, the right moods.

    And while I’d like to say the booties photo is my favorite, it’s really the peeing frog image that gets to me. That boy is so full of folly he can’t contain it.

    Great work!

  10. At least you weren’t the photographer who actually pooped while taking photos.

    I don’t think the girl would have recovered from that one…

  11. I love the one where they are under the trees/shade. !

  12. First lesson if you are a Father…any utterance of the word poop is guaranteed a laugh. However it can’t be around Mom…

  13. way my avatar????

  14. Capturing the laughter is just wonderful, but the way you captured the girl in the last series is just amazing Nathalie.

  15. What’s happening here?

    Are you only doing one post a month now?

  16. My favourite swearword is “farts”. If things require added profanity I go for “smelly farts” and if it’s the worst possible scenario, I will probably say “smelly farts with follow through”. I think it’s my adult rebellion against not being allowed to swear or even say “fart” when I was a child. Try it on your models and see what they think.

  17. Xuxa Cienfuegos

    Gnath, the word “poop” also makes adults at dinner parties laugh. Weird, huh. Love, Xuxa

  18. i loved the pictures of the little girl when she was so natural. thats the kind of photographs i like. i was a school photographer and unfortuantly some of the kids did have those plastered smiles :/ i did my best to get rid of them!

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