OMG! It was soooo GAY!!!

Vibrant stallions of luv in their underwear strutting their stuff on the boulevard… Where else can you revel in such awesomeness than in the Fabu Dallas Gay Pride Parade? I go every year. Mostly for the guys in their undies and I have no shame to admit that. Woohoo for almost naked men!!! But let’s ease into the event by describing the audience first, the normal folks like you and me.


So at Gay Pride, mostly, the peeps in attendance are not like you and me after all. They have a more… Flamboyant side. So the show is as much in the parade than on the sidewalks. Sometimes it’s even way better on the sidewalks.

bgaypride_032Bob, Grat, Bill, and Emmett (Joe, Jack, William, et Averell for the Frenchies out there)

bgaypride_033A cowboy needs nothing else than his hat and boots. Obviously!

bgaypride_036My buddies from last year! Still voguing!!!

gaypride2_005The only heterosexual present but so fearful he wrote “Vaginas r Awesome” on his chest. Dude! Was this really necessary?

bgaypride_014One always needs a little bear love…

bgaypride2_020Or koala bear love (check out the boots by 90 degree weather!)

bgaypride_006This type of skirt is totally in this year for your information

bgaypride2_016See what I’m sayin’? I must get me one of these

bgaypride2_008And also lesbian chic is mowhawkish… I had no idea!

bgaypride2_014King’s Road Revival

bgaypride_005If you don’t sport a Mowhawk, I don’t think you stand a chance with da ladies in 2009

bgaypride_031There is always a man with big balls (I think I already made that joke but I can’t resist)

bgaypride_028And a lonely man who would gain popularity, no doubt, if he wore better shorts

bDanceSome did a little dance, made a little love

adance2And others followed suit

bgaypride_007Some just looked way too cool even if their pants were tucked in their tennis shoes

bgaypride_004Some had primo seating arrangements (especially compared to me that had no seating arrangements whatsoever)

bgaypride_021A hippie looking dude reclined under the shaded trees while I, a GIRL, agonized in the burning sun and is that even fair?

bgaypride_012Thank goodness, this chick made up for all the non-moving reclined attendants with her enthusiasm. She was VERY enthusiastic.

agaypride_026And these two characters were rather rambunctious as well but for Pete’s sake, where was the Japanese short police?

bgaypride_020Did you know that gay men have very good taste in underwear? Probably because they show them to so many people!

Now, don’t think that everybody had as good a time as the folks above depicted. Oooh no! I think some had a pretty crappy time actually.

bgaypride_002There was the dog in a bag. He looked pretty downtrodden if you ask me.

gaypride2c_001Then there was the dog who fought for his life

bgaypride_035And the little boy who was so tired from all the gayness

bgaypride_034The dehydrated nonna

gaypride2b_001And last but not least this poor little horse that looked way too frail to accommodate all that weight.

Now that totally pissed me off big time! I hope that horse still has a back. In case no one had the guts to tell this guy, let me: “you are way too non-thin to ride a pony!” Sometimes, you just have to call a cat a cat.

To be continued…

8 responses to “OMG! It was soooo GAY!!!

  1. Glad to see you’re back.

    You’re a regular Herb Ritts….. with curves!

  2. Thanks Razz! It’s good to be back but I had forgotten how long it takes to prepare these posts!
    And yes I do have curves! Itty Bitty ones but curves nonetheless! Thanks for reminding me (I tend to forget!)
    Herb Ritts! Hee! Hee! I wish! Much better to be Herb Ritts than Annie Leibovitz these days, eh!

  3. YAY! So relieved to see that you are alive and well, still livin’ it up with the larger than life brigade of Dallas and still sporting that evil wit of yours. I adore the little boy “tired out from all the gayness”. Just looking at him makes me want to collapse onto a sofa. Now I’m gonna get me a mohawk. Long Live King’s Road Revivalism, lesbian, straight or otherwise. You had blue hair once, non?

  4. I did have blue hair! Good memory, Epic! King’s Road dyed, no less. The only problem with blue hair is that with time it turns into a greenish yellowish mess. But blue was tres cool.
    When you get your mowhawk, please send a pic… I’m sure I can hook ya up! Hee! Hee! 🙂

  5. In Australia the term, “blue rinse set” refers to very old women as a group.

    Say no to blue hair!

  6. Hi Nathalie,

    Just a quick note to say thanks for sharing the great Pride pics! We missed the parade and all the festivities. But we would never miss…your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We wish you the very best on your special day. We’ve got to get together soon and catch up. Enjoy! James and Hoong Nan ; ^ )

  7. I have to say, you’re an amazing photographer and I love your writing.

  8. soooo hillarious! love it!

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