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Nude is beautiful

Boudoir photography: what a delicate affair! What an awesome responsibility entrusted in my petite hands!

I like my subject nude. I believe the woman makes a statement with her body, not Victoria Secret or La Perla.

Nude 5

I like my subject nude, baring all, yet showing nothing.

Nude 2

I like my subject nude, an empty canvas for me to paint.

Nude 3

Sexy can be in the eyes,

Nude 4

Or in a bit of drama,

Nude 6

Or simple curves…

Nude 7

I think some men may prefer to see photographs of their girlfriends or wives pre-packaged in lingerie and showing cleavage or boobs, a more pin-up version of boudoir I suppose, but frankly, I suck at that. I don’t have the feel for it. I want to show beauty, art, sensuality, and in the words of Colbert, truthiness.