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Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Bears – (13/gazillion)

I called it the Village People float because all the guys looked like the construction worker but it turns out it was the Bears. Sounds like a scout troop but, er, not quite the case. The bears are in fact a gay sub-culture which consists mostly of hairy corpulent gay or bisexual males with a working class look. Please forgive all the gross generalizations.

A slew of expressions emerged from the bear community. A Panda Bear is Asian. A Pocket Bear is short. A Bear fag hag is a Goldilocks. An Otter is hairy but slimmer than the usual bear, etc.

The bears have their own code system for placing adds. For example: Bob Donahue, one of the co-author of the code is a: B5 c+ f s- w t- k or a full bearded definite cub, furry in a bearish sense, relationship oriented, with a little tummy, shorter than average, and open-minded bear. The code saves a lot of money to U.S. bears.

I believe this is a Dallas Polar Daddy bear holding the International Bear Brotherhood Flag.

Annually, the Dallas Bears host the Texas Bear Round-Up which attracts hundreds of bears. The code of conduct for the event includes a specific ban on public defecation (!) and public nudity (complete coverage of genitals and butt crack – jock straps do not qualify.) 😉