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Save the Cheeseleader. Save the World.

A few weeks ago, Pat Coakley from Single for a Reason wrote about seeing the world through someone else’s eyes. planetross (“I am the Cheese”) picked me as a victim and he penned a very funny post. Being ridiculously impulsive, most of the time to my detriment, I volunteered to take a peak at his cardboard world through my rather deficient eyes.

That was a typical example of being ridiculously impulsive. See?

For the next few days, nathaliewithanh I’m not; I am now cheesewithanh. Haha!

note: I do not intend to fly as high as the man himself. That would be impossible. Waist-size is probably as lofty goal as I can attain.

double note: standing up, waist level is probably where I reach him anyway.