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Funny Halloweeners – Halloween VIII

More than scary costumes, I like the funny ones. In Oak Lawn, there were definitely a few that stood out last Saturday.

In the category “not practical, not comfortable, and a little bit before its time”: the Christmas Tree

In the category “I’m so damn scary I’m funny”, the ultimate underwear model

In the category “Dorin gets arrested once again”, Dorin gets frisked by Homeland Security

In the category “unbelievably hairy”, Vinyl Cop

In the category “Walk like an Egyptian”, eight of them. Not walking, but very Egyptian nonetheless.

In the category “accessorize your costume with a small child”, a very successful use of a 5 year old.

And finally in the category “most unpractical ways of getting tattooed”, someone gettin’ tattooed comfortably reclining on a motorbike.

Getting tattooed on a motorbike on a sidewalk is what I would tend to call an impulse tattoo. Probably more funny to watch then to wake up to in the morning…

Delicate Flowers – Halloween V

Funny how Halloween brings the inner women out of many men. Well, perhaps not in your neck of the woods, but in the Oak Lawn area of Dallas, it does. A lot.

A French maid with a plume duster… not cleaning.

A Beauty School drop out

The Three Amigas. The one on the right needs a boob surgeon or a better bra. Pronto!

Superman copping a feel of a delighted delicate flower

The Good Hairy Fairy that did not make it to the children’s books… and the Masked Meanie that did not make it to children’s book either.


If it weren’t for the huge tattoos on their arms…

Seriously, isn’t it interesting that when men imagine themselves as women, they immediately envision themselves with HUGE breasts? Do they think that the ample mammary display will make us forget about their mustaches, beards, or 5 o’clock shadows? Do they think those things just grow on trees?

In Dallas, you have to earn your big boobies! More specifically, you have to save to get them (or, if you are very lucky, receive them for your sweet sixteen or graduation from your loving parents.)

Primary Colors – Halloween IV

I don’t know what it is about green-skinned people but they always inspire me to shoot color. I generally stick to black and white, but if you are a delicious shade of Key West Green, I’ll love you just the way you are. Devil Red? I’ll adore you too!

The Halloween Street Party at Oak Lawn in Dallas gives me all the colors, hues, and subtle nuances thereof to last me 364 days of shades of grays.

Beelzebub wore Prada’s next year’s collection.

A satyr who badly needs a haircut.

Bud Lights? Tim Burton and I are hereby disowning these guys. Really.

A precious Golden Boy.

Another Prince of Darkness. Sassy! I just received exactly the same horns!!!

My favorite Ralph Lauren green!

Just wicked!

More crazy funkiness coming your way soon…