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planetross is very patient but tres demanding!

“What happened to the Nikko dancers?” After asking Ross to be patient in the rain for an hour, then patient in the not so much rain for another hour while I photographed the performers, I should have expected that highly legitimate question coming from him. The simple answer is that the dancers were so cool that I thought they deserved a post of their own.

Let me preface this by saying I have no idea if the different troops were having a contest or simply performing.

The first troop we noticed – how could we not?

A lot of screaming happened along with the dancing

And jumps. A lot of jumps.

And jumping AND screaming at the same time too!

The next troop was much more subdued… and in another age bracket.

Subdued in their movements that is, because some sporadic screaming happened there too.

She was just cool-looking with her little glasses.

Another troop. Very traditional.

My predilection goes to black and white, but sometimes you just can’t escape color.

Please don’t ask me why but there was always a little guy playing with a flag in the background.

Now that I think about it, that afternoon, Ross may have been close to patience sainthood.

Some of the troops had little ones performing too. The cuteness factor ran pretty high.

They even had a mini flag bearer! Mini-Me since 2006!

While the performance took place, little dancers waited anxiously for their turn.

You could just feel how well-behaved these children were until…

Meet the WILD ones in the bunch. OMG! These were fierce little things… with a spooky-looking adult troop leader (not featured here.)

Back to the stage with a mother’s dream of a daughter.

The greenest of them all! Airborne!

And a highly enthusiastic nipple showing flag bearer

O ho! The return of the wild bunch.

Very expressive, but not looking very Japanesy folkloricky if you ask me.

I even thought the costumes were borderline slutty. Me! That should tell you something right there!

But they were interesting,

And kicked ass basically.

Soon it was time to go find the vagivan and head back to Numata to spend an evening with Kelly (buy his last CD) and Harumi, his very cool wife, at an izakaya. Have I told you how much I enjoy dining at izakayas although the memories always seem nebulous and the details sketchy?