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Carte Blanche? To moi? Are you NUTS?

Fair warning to potential clients: if given carte blanche, I might come up with something you had not quite expected!

On a very fine morning, Mr. Shinn bestowed upon me the honor of designing a surprise birthday gift for his lovely wife. After meeting him and his hilarious 22 year old son Blake, I quickly realized the word “conventional” would be stricken out of the thesaurus for this specific project (oh twist my arm!) Compelling all funny and outrageous synapses to come forward and volunteer for the mission, I decided to create a Funky Blake Calendar.

Some of the most “daring” concepts were discussed prior to execution, then the photographs of Blake were taken.

The Shinns nicely agreed to let me share with you some of the different months, so here we go:

Absolut Shinn


Le Cri


Blake Rockwell


Faberge Egg

June (with girlfriend now ex-girlfriend. Oops.)



Statue de la Liberte malade


Yoko and Blake


For good measure, the month of December featured the infamous Mr. Shinn himself:



This happened four years ago. Mrs. Shinn was GREATLY amused. I am told the calendar still lies prominently on the living room coffee table.