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Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Beads – (5/gazillion)

During the parade, beads are distributed to the crowd by the participants. Contrarily to New Orleans, in Dallas, you do not have to show anything in order to get the necklaces BUT some of the guys just ignore you as if you were translucent (especially if the boy clearly plays for the other team and you look like a girl. This is totally highly discriminatory in case you didn’t know.)

The “I can’t hear ya” Man. Requesting loud begging in exchange for the precious beads. Is that even ethical?

The “Who you calling a fairy” cutie.

The Democrat Pom Pom Boy.

I got temporarily blinded by the exuberant cheerfulness emanating from the Democrat Pom Pom Boy. The joy seemed a tad over-emoted. Time to go back to method acting. Really.