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A tooth for a tooth

I hope Michael Vick enjoys a REAL good time in jail. Details emerged today in The New York Times about the treatment of his pit bulls at Bad Newz Kennels. One of the female dogs has no teeth left, all 42 yanked out so she could not resist being mated (repeatedly and unhumanely so.)

Now I hear – I do not know first hand whether there is truth to the rumor – I hear that sometimes in jail, male prisoners get their front teeth knocked out. If such an unfortunate event should happened to Mr. Vick, I feel that such occurrence would easily fall under “divine retribution” or, at the very least, “poetic justice.”

Dog fight

Here’s to you Michael: in Texas, we like them dogs with teeth…

I know this may have sounded quite uncharitable and totally unforgiving, but honestly, if you harm wee children or animals, I actually do have a problem sharing this earth with you.