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Gimme a damn beach!

Transitioning from the sunny beaches of St. Croix to the snowy landscapes of Dallas, I drive to Starbucks this morning with the blues in my heart. If you are going to inflict snow upon me in March as well as unbearable sub-human temperatures (that would be less than 40 degrees anytime of the year), at least provide me with a damn yeti to photograph, something to make it all worthwhile.

The Crucians have it down pat:

Rose of St Croix

The sea…

Happiness in St Croix


Pirate of St Croix


Art in St. Croix

surprising garden art,

Coconut retriever

coconut retrievers (or Crucian mutts),

Rastafarian in St. Croix


Kid rastafarian

wee Rastafarians,

Rain forest of St Croix

a rain forest,

Moko Jumbi in St Croix

Moko Jumbies,

and last but not least:

Beer drinking pig in St. Croix

beer drinking pigs (non-alcoholic)

AND what am I left with? A skyline and a log in the fireplace? Forgive me while I go dispose of myself…