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Polyamorous Jenny

Never was I better reminded not to judge a book by its cover than when I met Jenny Block in St. Croix. My first impressions of her were conservative, conservative, and ooh how conservative! Married, one child, a regular collaborator to the Dallas Morning News, low heels and skirt under the knee, Jenny exemplified in my mind the typical middle class conservative working mom from Texas.

During a visit to Sonya, a well-known jewelry store on the Island, Jenny got surrounded by a flock of charming gay men vying to advise her on her bracelet purchase.

The Advisors

The Advisors

They inquired:

“Is the bracelet for you?”

“One is for me, the other for my girlfriend.” She replied.

“Your girlfriend-girlfriend?”

“Yes, my girlfriend-girlfriend.”

Sensing a monumental misunderstanding, I volunteered:

“No, no, not a girlfriend-girlfriend! Just a girlfriend. She is married.”

And Jenny turned to me and very calmly pointed out:

“Yes I’m married. I have a husband… AND a girlfriend.”

Jenny Block’s new book on polyamory, “Open: Love, Sex and Life in an Open Marriage” hits the bookstores in June. She has also just landed a Blog spot on Huffington Post. As for me, I’m humbled and after meeting this force of nature, feeling pretty conservative these days… What can I say? A husband AND a girlfriend? That seems like an awful lot of work!

Jenny Block in St. Croix