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Delivery mojo – schmojo

After magically inducing labor for a lady client a day after her photo session, I felt eager to test my newly discovered powers.

On Sunday, I attempted to perform the same miracle for Paula, a seventeen year old very pregnant… Arabian mare.

Paula the pregnant Arabian mare

It did not work.

Paula the Arabian mare

I am bummed.

I induced labor… I think!

The day before yesterday, Mrs. Brittney B-B, all six foot of her, came to my home photo studio for her pregnancy session. With one month to go, she felt it was time to bare all. And I was only too happy to oblige.

I extricated the ladder from the garage – considering my 5″2′ petite frame, a step stool would not have sufficed to capture such an amazon. I made her work. Hard. Perhaps it was the humiliation of having to be perched on a ladder… “Turn to the left, turn to the right, move over to the left, uh no, to the right.” After an hour and a half of calisthenics, we called it a day and decided to reconvene for the delivery in one month at the hospital.

Pregnancy photograph

The next evening, out and about with friends, I get a call from Brittney. Recognizing her number, I immediately suspect a case of photographic jitters but find myself completely mistaken. Mrs. B-B lies happily on a hospital bed with baby boy Cohen in her arms. How about that?

First baby picture

Cohen Thomas B., 1 day old, 19 inches, 7 lbs 5 oz

Mommy and newborn

Brittney and Cohen bonding

Grand parents and newborn

Cohen with Brittney’s parents

You may wonder why the father is conspicuously absent from the photographs. No sordid stories here. Monsieur Todd B. picked the very day his wife delivered to be afflicted with a cold so he kinda got somewhat banished from the room. I’m seeing all of them next week for a family session. I cannot remember a time where I photographed the same person quite so frequently in a one week span, and frankly, I am seriously considering advertising my services as a magic labor inducing photographer.