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I feel reason-ably ab-normal.

note: I generally fight abtraction with abstension.

double note: I think I abstan way too much.

note to planetross: consider yourself outcheesecaked… I always try to stay ahead of the six-pack.

note to Alan: Ha! Ha!

Moko Jumbies

In St. Croix, the Moko Jumbies scare the evil spirits away…

St. Croix Moko Jumbie

with their daring moves and…

Moko Jumbie from St. Croix

their Ray-Bans which are, after all, well-known to repel evildoers.

Then you catch up with the Moko Jumbies in the parking lot…

Moko Jumbies after the show

and you can’t help but wonder if entrusting the safety of your soul to a bunch of flip-flopped teenagers is all that wise.