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Funny Halloweeners – Halloween VIII

More than scary costumes, I like the funny ones. In Oak Lawn, there were definitely a few that stood out last Saturday.

In the category “not practical, not comfortable, and a little bit before its time”: the Christmas Tree

In the category “I’m so damn scary I’m funny”, the ultimate underwear model

In the category “Dorin gets arrested once again”, Dorin gets frisked by Homeland Security

In the category “unbelievably hairy”, Vinyl Cop

In the category “Walk like an Egyptian”, eight of them. Not walking, but very Egyptian nonetheless.

In the category “accessorize your costume with a small child”, a very successful use of a 5 year old.

And finally in the category “most unpractical ways of getting tattooed”, someone gettin’ tattooed comfortably reclining on a motorbike.

Getting tattooed on a motorbike on a sidewalk is what I would tend to call an impulse tattoo. Probably more funny to watch then to wake up to in the morning…