Fairy Tails

My fairies are very much unlike Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairies. I say that… but when they come out en force at the Dallas Gay Pride Parade, some do bear a slight resemblance to the crushed pixies.

Cottington_016Parade Fairy showing remarkably naked ass

fairy002Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairies showing remarkably naked bottoms

Seriously, my parade fairies seem to resist any particular kind of genre. They are all ages, dress very differently, and the only thing they appear to share is a love for exaggerated attitude. Totally not the macho type.

aFairies_001Accentuated hip movements associated with sashaying are a dead giveaway

Fairies_009Joining hands, and bottom to the side when expressing oneself, that too, throws you in my fairy catchall category.

Fairies_004Hands on the waist, bottom to the side, pursed lips, and underwear showing, well, that does not leave much to the imagination. Fairy!

Fairies_005Too pretty does it too…

aFairies_007And if nothing distinguishes you from the masses, you can always hold a sign!

This year however, the one who really threw me in the deepest confusion was little Miss Strawberry Shortcake. Coming down Cedar Springs on a bicycle, from afar, there was no doubt you had to be in fairy land.


But from up close, my sweet little Strawberry Shortcake morphed into…


So just like Adam and Eve got booted out of Eden, my little Strawberry got repudiated from my fairy world and sent to the hair removal lady. Wax on, wax off…

To be continued…

13 responses to “Fairy Tails

  1. Hi Nathalie! *waves*

    I love that first and second fairy picture. Made me chuckle out loud.

    Hope you’re okay. 🙂

  2. Hi Nezza!
    I’m doing splendidly! What about you? Blogging again? :-)))

  3. I second Nezza. But also interested by the hairy cleavage. Wax on Wax OUCH!

  4. That squashed fairies book has to be one of the most twisted books aimed at kids. I found it disturbing and I can only wonder how little kids would take it.

  5. Hmmmm. Uh…I got nuthin’.

  6. Now what? You will have us wait till next parade?

  7. I’ll up the ante to “double slacker!!”

    Now how about a post?

  8. Dudes! I ain’t no slacker! A fortiori, absolutely not a double slacker! I am a procrastinator and that’s not the same thing AT ALL. Let’s not confuse the issues.
    I was being all mellow and vacationing (but before vacationing, I was working very very hard!)
    It was just a test to see if you would all miss me.

  9. interesting pics..

  10. It’s been a while i didn’t come here 😀 You are still doing great shots nathalie. I’ve never been in any of these parades, but seems funny 😛

  11. Merry Christmas!

    I hope you are having a fun time and enjoying unseasonably warm weather.

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