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The Model Curse

I am cursed. I have to be. There is something about photographing model portfolios that just does not quite agree with me. Yet I can assure you it gives me tremendous pleasure to shoot beautiful peeps and I enjoy the added bonus to be able to use all the vocabulary learned on Top Model and Project Runway. But seriously, every time a model comes through my front door, something goes awry.

B. was a gorgeous guy.


As we went through the session, I had this great confidence that I was nailing it shot after shot. I could not wait to process all the images.

Male model

Yep. The session was fabulous. I came home, downloaded all the files and opened the first image in Photoshop. Nooooo. It couldn’t be. I opened a second and an third, and a middle one, and the last one. The guy’s fly was open the WHOLE time! I saved a couple of nice head shots. At least, no one can accuse me of impure thoughts!

When S. came through my door, I thought I would redeem myself.


The make-up artist had shown up half an hour early and caught me off guard with a head full of rollers (no, you are not getting a picture of that!) So things had not started as smoothly as expected, but I remained hopeful.

Model in Dallas

It was not until the make-up artist had finished his work that I knew that yet again I had been cursed. We headed to the studio to take a photograph of S. and make sure the make-up was fine when I smelled it first. Then I saw it. Right in the middle of the studio: a poop, courtesy of my Jack Russell. I blushed and mumbled and sent every one out. How embarrassing!

I’m fearful of what my next model shoot will bring. I’m trying not to envision all the possibilities.They are endless.