Hallo-Weened – Halloween The End

Dear Organizers of the Halloween Oak Lawn Street Party,

I am writing this letter to address your unusual sense of timing. While Halloween magically fell on a Friday this year (woohoo, for a change!), you decided to hold the block party not on this perfect October 31st, but on a Saturday, a week earlier.

I ignore the reasons behind your bizarre sense of scheduling, but let it be known that by the time the real Halloween came around and after a week of working on photographs of your event, I felt absolutely not in the mood for yet another round of festivities. Not in the mood for the scary costumes. Not in the mood to see another young man running around in his underwear. Not in the mood to photograph another woman with abundant facial hair and boobs even surgery could not give me.

This year, at Halloween, I stayed home, turned off the light, and ate all the candy I was going to give away. Dozens of little children had to carry a lighter bag of candies just because of you and I will have to attend the gym assiduously for the next few weeks to atone for my gluttony (your fault too.)

Next year, Halloween falls on a Saturday. Would it be perhaps possible to hold the Halloween Street Party and Halloween on the same Saturday?

Thank you for your consideration. Here are the last few photographs of your party although you really do not deserve them.


Nathalie with an h

Insane Clown Posse of one

Homeless by the Sea

Satan wore a garter belt… to hold up his fishnet stockings.

In Dallas, people think sailors never wear pants. Really.

Cat Woman with fembots

If you are naturally red-eyed, do you really need a mask?

Posh grand dame

Posh grand dame with an attitude

Posh grand dame with an attitude screaming at me.

After encountering the thunders of the posh grand dame, I called it quits. I am very fragile inside, maintain a healthy fear of rejection and, to address more earthly considerations, my feet were killing me… but mainly and manly too, she scared the Beejeezus out of me. Very Halloweenishly so.

17 responses to “Hallo-Weened – Halloween The End

  1. The Ronald McDonald from Friday the 13th in the first photo is quite entertaining… if not a bit disturbing. I expect to see him in a future horror film.

    Very nicely done, nathalie! You covered this event nicely even if it wasn’t scheduled properly.

  2. I’m with Jason with this one.

    The photo of the jaded and worldly Ronald Mac Donald is just fantasic. So much better than the commercial version. I also loved the “homeless by the sea”.

    Whereas I couldn’t help but think of Iggy Pop’s “wild America” , when I saw the sailor.

    One night out in L.A.
    I met a mexicana
    with a butchy girlfriend
    who I thought was a man
    they took me to the alley
    to have a little chat
    people lined the corner
    doin’ this and that
    in wild america

    All great images.

  3. After spending Halloween over and over again with you for the past couple of days I’ve come to a final conclusion.

    I definitely live in the wrong town! Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed your party much more!

  4. Well…that explains THAT. I was wondering how you got all these photos before the holiday…and now I know.

  5. You know, I really do have serious culture gap when it comes to Halloweeen, here we just don’t celebrate it… does everyone seriously walk around in their underwear? And can I come visit Halloween time next year???

  6. Homeless by the Sea struck me too.
    It wasn’t the frivolity but how poignant and still shameful the images of now three years ago? still remain.

    But not to negate creativity, there would be several contenders for best costume and YOU certainly would rate for best ” sin”ematographer!

    Where do you suppose you’ll be shooting on November 4th!
    Can’t wait to see that expose`.

  7. Thank y’all for your comments! (That was delivered with a Texas twang just for y’all) 😉

    Jason: thanks! The clown was pure evil. Not the Happy Meal I had in mind…

    Razz: thank you. The Homeless by the Sea is one of my faves too (and he was a photographer so we talked shop for a while.) Nice guy. Super costume. Good Iggy Pop reference!

    Diana: Dallas is not like that all over… Just that area, ONE WEEK before Halloween! So you could easily do both Halloweens, double-dip if you will…

    Alan: I’m sorry I just could not respond to your comment earlier – I would have had to think about another conclusion!

    SanityFound: In Oak Lawn, a lot of young men wear only underwear. It is very trendy apparently – probably coincided with the emergence of designer briefs. Unfortunately, these boys are not for you, nor me. 😦

    Bonnie: I loved the “sin”ematographer wordplay! I left way to early to capture real sin, but I’m sure there was plenty to go around. I have also restrained myself and censored a few photographs. On the 4th, I might be photographing lines, LONG lines of people… But I’ll spend the evening with friends, a glass of champagne in one hand and a gun in the other. I hope I get to drink the champagne!

  8. The clown is creepy amazing. Dallas must be an amazing place!
    You censored a few photographs? Are you republican? I hope you get to drink the champagne on the 4th!

  9. I desperately miss living in Greenwich Village, NYC and being able to walk two blocks to see the Halloween Parade there — but your images definitely have that “vibe” so I feel a little better. Thanks for posting them!

  10. I’ve been playing catch-up with all your entries while I was away. Amazingly great stuff!
    That posh grand dame looks a little like Billy Bob Thorton.

  11. Have been faithfully keeping up with your posts, and enjoying every single one! I’m not suprised you’re hallowe’en-ed out. Ronald McD gone wrong is hilarious. And some of those guys – well….it’s hard to tell sometimes.

    Thank you for bringing us a slice of Texas. I felt like I was almost there with you. 🙂

  12. Wouter: Dallas has its moments. It falls short of amazing though (I promise!) I censored out of necessity (trust me!) I’ll drink champagne no matter what (either to celebrate… or to forget!)

    jimsmuse: do young men run around in their skivvies in Greenwich Village too? At this point, I feel so blaze, I would not even look. If I had lived there, I think I would desperately miss living there too. I keep my geographical living arrangements dull as to not be disappointed in the future. I can only go up!

    planetross: thank you! I can see the resemblance with Billy Bob. I don’t think she was going for that… otherwise there would have been vials of blood hanging down her neck, right?

    nezza: So good to hear from you! That’s exactly what you want to do with Texas… Almost be there! 😉

  13. Your Halloween photos gave me nightmares. Thanks.

  14. S. Le: that certainly was the intended purpose. You welcome. 😉

  15. I just went through all your posts on this Halloween photo shoot of yours. Geez… I’ll have to tell Anna, “Anna don’t look!!!” Bet she will anyways.

    You covered the event well – great captures.

  16. Thanks Preston! Why would you tell Anna not to look? Because of the scantily-clad men? They don’t play for that team, you know…

  17. First, I think that I may never be able to set foot in a McDonalds again.

    And second, some of those guys were prettier and had better feminine bodies than any girls I know!! lol

    Should we laugh or cry?

    That’s exactly what I keep saying! I think we should cry. Definitely. A public outcry and a long sob. How unfair is that?!?!

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