Dallas Gay Pride Parade – TMI – (14/gazillion)

Then Woman-Out-of-Control-in-the-Pick-Up-Truck appeared on the horizon and landed right in front of my camera by miracle.

There is boobage no doubt… But, er, a trip to Victoria’s Secret prior to the Parade may have been beneficial for all involved.

Ooh what is she going to do next? I fear!


Yeah, well, if I were you, I’d auto-spank myself too! Naughty, naughty, naughty!

I looked back at my photographs to find out what the girl was promoting and could not come up with anything. I am at a loss right now just thinking about it. Sadly, this is as wild as the parade ever got.

7 responses to “Dallas Gay Pride Parade – TMI – (14/gazillion)

  1. I wish I had a pick up truck.

  2. Hi! I read your comment at the Girl From the Ghetto’s site about your friend who was ballooning up in weight. I have heard of that symptom before and in that case it was Celiac disease – allergy to wheat and/or wheat gluten. It must be scary for your friend so I figured I would mention it because maybe it can get corrected soon.

  3. planetross: if you would like me to come back to Numata, climb on top of the vagivan, and show my bottom to passer-byes as you drive around town, I’m sure it could be arranged. I’m not sure your neighbors would approve. 😉

    teeni: thanks so much for taking the time to offer a suggestion. I’ll let Matt know.

  4. LOL, love them all. Somehow and slowly America is changing. It looks like an average European carnaval parade 😉 I remember my uncle from the States visiting us in the eightiesand and he kept watching TV (mostly commercials 😀 ).
    Plan a trip to Amsterdam Nathalie, if you are ready for this.

  5. Any smart girl, with all those gorgeous men around, would just sit down and behave. The competition is just too fierce.

  6. Wouter, I just would not know where to start! That looks truly decadent (and a lot of fun!) Have you ever been? If you have, I look forward to a post!
    Your uncle seems like tons of fun 😉

    Pamajama, they are playing for different teams. No competition here. Fierceness, yes. Competition, no.

  7. I did so in ’99 (no photos taken), but we had lots of fun. Really wicked.

    It does look wicked. Unfortunately, next year in August, I have to be in Chicago. There is always 2010 (already?)

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