Hi! My name is Nathalie and I am a sport addict

I have never considered myself a sport fan by any means, more a nerd who rides her bicycle a lot. I do not watch games on TV. I do not date sport nuts. I never know which teams play in the  Superbowl. So imagine my surprise when I suddenly discovered my inner jock in South Beach and that through no amount of introspection whatsoever.

I was walking up the Rive Droite of Ocean Drive and sat on a little wall to do some people watching with Xuxa. My gaze rested absently on a bunch of men playing beach volley ball. Oooh the sheer intricacies! The strategery! The magic of the little ball flying over the net! Finally a sport I could follow hours after hours after hours… I am not sure I can adequately convey my new found love for the game but I took a few photographs to help you understand.

asobe1_018My favorite













I still feel puzzled by my sudden attraction to the game. I self-analyzed all the way back to Dallas and could not come up with any answers… I just know my inner jock is telling me to move close to a beach (preferably in Italy.)

12 responses to “Hi! My name is Nathalie and I am a sport addict

  1. If there really is a heaven, you must have been there, don’t you? Now I know why you bring all your equipment even to the beach.

    And it is my wife on the photograph 😀


  2. And it had nothing.. NOTHING to do with all the ridiculously buff young lads leaping into the air and chest bumping, right? 😉

    I really like the first pic. It’s hard to imagine the timing with the ball being right but he looks like he knows what he’s doing. Great movement.

    -Turkish Prawn

  3. im proud to be in the first photo lol thanks for posting these 🙂

  4. Now you are just showing off…

    I’m just gonna start copying & pasting my typical response here because I can’t come up with anything better…

    Great pictures H! Amazing! Very well composed! Good lighting! Nice pecs!

    Wait…that last one shouldn’t be in there…

  5. Thanks for your comments!

    Wouter: your perspicacity is astounding!

    TP: I have no idea what you are talking about! Buff? Wadde?

    matt: you were a great model. 🙂 We should do this more often. 🙂

    Alan: I’m not showing off – just spreading the happiness all around…
    Next time, I’ll photograph women too.
    Naaah, probably not.

  6. You have just seen to many six-packs!

    So Italian stallions are better then Texas oil riggers?

  7. I swear……not only do I feel completely unmanly, I’d swear you simply borrowed models for this shoot.

    Real guys just don’t look like this.

    Except in South Beach.

    Damn it!

  8. Dudewoman—— these are amazing shots. The action, the mid jump captures, that chestbump, all of it, just incredible.
    Were you wearing your heels on the beach too?

  9. Are you sure you’re a woman?

    Those guys look like they stepped out of a Herb Ritts calender.

    As always, good shots.

  10. Hey sis! I can read through you.

    I too love the palm trees.
    They’re gorgeous.
    Just too bad your crappy camera didn’t focus right.
    Time to upgrade, I guess….

  11. Wouter: I cannot comment on that. 🙂

    forkboy: it just takes going to the gym every day and abstaining from McDonalds… and being born in Italy from Italian parents.
    It did seem a bit surreal. You have not even seen everything yet!

    Bonnie: thank you very much mam! I thought ladies would appreciate! I did not pack heels – just heeled tennis shoes I had on the plane. See next post for explanation.

    Razz: I totally got in touch with my inner male. I’m a jock. Just did not know it!
    These guys were totally hot. I have not recovered yet. South Beach is like a male museum! 🙂

    Chris with an h: I’m with you. I was totally trying to photograph the palm trees. With the wind though, it proved a bit difficult. I’m planning to go back when it’s less windy to try again to capture the very essence of these trees. 🙂

  12. Um, wow! And when I saw you at Starbucks this morning, not one of these “souvenirs” did you pull from your purse and offer to me. What gives?

    These are great shots, Nathalie! I really like that first one, and the second, and the third too, and… well… hell! All of them.

    And I’ll take one of each.

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